25 days of cheer!

Personalised beer advent calendar for your Brewery or Bottle Shop

This Beer Advent Calendar will hold 25 beers (23 bottles + 2 cans), making the Christmas countdown extra fun for your customers. 25 days of cheer!

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Beer Advent Calendar

Your customers can now do Christmas countdown their own way with our DIY custom beer advent calenders. Let them get creative in your bottle shop or brewery filling up a case with their favourite craft beer (or cider, wine, liquor or nips). One little present every day!

No cheap chocolates, but delicious ales, lagers, ciders or whatever they prefer! Bulk order your custom designed Beer Advent Calendar to offer your customers something different.

Of course, you can also get creative yourself and prepare some ready-to-go beer advent calendars for them.

Beer Advent Calendar


Beer Advent Calendar


Personalise your beer advent calendar with your own logo and branding. You can submit your own artwork or we can design a personalised artwork for you. Great to promote your own brand while offering your customers something fun and unique! If you rather don’t have a custom design, we also have a standard design available.


Made from recycled cardboards, these calendars are 100% recyclable or repurposed for storing items like light strings and ornaments. Alternatively, you can retain the bottom and buy a new Beer Advent Calendar top the following year.

Beer Advent Calendar


You don’t have to fill the case with beers only. This advent calendar is perfect for other gift items as well, for example, ciders, small wines, little gift packs, liquor, nibbles, gift vouchers, etc. Making it the perfect gift for anyone!


Counting down is more fun when a gift is involved. Selling the beer advent calendar at your brewery or bottle shop meets both your and your customers needs. You are building your brand and encouraging customers to buy more beer, and your customers are very happy to have found the perfect Christmas present in your bottle shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is almost impossible to cover every type of beer in existence right here. However, a quick trip to the bottle shops and stores close to you is a good way to start. Check their craft beer catalog or see if you can get singles. If not, break 4 and 6 packs up. The latter is the more realistic choice. Alternatively, you can go as a group, get a pack, and share. This way, each person gets to fill their Advent Calendars with a few bottles.

Feel free to reach out to us via phone or email if you need more clarification.

Yes it does! It even holds 2 cans for each “day”. That’s why we are able to fit 25 beers in this box, one for each day counting down to Christmas. After all, a can of beer is half the size of a bottle of beer. If you would want to place just one can for one day, then you may need to get a square paper coaster to elevate a single 330ml can. Great way to promote your local brewery and build your brand giving away some coasters for the beer advent calendars! Position them diagonally into the box before placing the canned beer on top.

Cold beer is the best. We know too! Unfortunately, the beer advent calendars don’t come with a cooling system, but there is a way around this! When you wake up in the morning, open the next day of your beer advent calendar and see what is there for the day. Now transfer the beer straight into the refrigerator and leave for work. Resist every attempt to sneak home to enjoy your surprise. In the late afternoon or evening your beer will be cold and ready to be consumed! Inhale the aroma, take-in the colour, and savour the first sip. Take a few more sips while taking that deserving rest; after all, it’s been a long day.

No, they don’t. Most companies only sell already filled beer advent calendars, but we sell you just the box! Making this the perfect product for bottle shops and breweries, so they can make their own boxes, or sell the boxes empty to their customers to fill them up themselves!

We are confident and optimistic that catching up will not be a problem, especially during the weekends. 

Advent Calendars are created to celebrate the 24 days before Christmas and Christmas day! It starts on the 1st day of December and finished on the 25th. All your customers have to do is fill up the calendar with your beer, open the window of the corresponding day on the calendar, and enjoy the beer. To open the window, push in the finger punch with your finger and then pull back the window. This allows you to reach the surprise. Pull it out and see! 

Yes, you can. We ship our products outside Australia – New Zealand, Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, and Canada. Note that shipping internationally can be somewhat costly, but we assure you that our charges are the cheapest you can get around. The shipping fee for each region differs. Please send us an email for more information.

Share our amazing product with your friends and family via your social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Feel free to tag us in these posts. We sure do not want to miss out!

Who are we?

Beer Advent Calendar is an Australian-based company that is all about helping small breweries and bottle shops offering something unique to their customers.

It all started with our own full-fledged love for beer and its beauty – from amazing local craft to full-flavoured foreign beers. We saw beer advent calendars being sold, but all of them were already filled with craft beers, and we thought how amazing it would be to be able to fill up a box yourself with beers from your local bottle shop!

Our end-product is a combination of several part-products, all sourced from various small businesses in the local market. For instance, our cardboard box is made by a great company, while the artwork and designs are handled by another local, but a highly-competent designer. We have adopted family-friendly design concepts over the years, focusing on quality boxes that ensure family safety and foster bonding.

The overall product structure follows a sturdy but concealing approach. It is and must always be a surprise. We are confident that you will find this year’s beer advent calendar the perfect gift option for your bottle shop and brewery customers.

So let’s say cheers to the start of a new holiday tradition that will last decades!

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